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Down Payment Assistance Programs

29.9.2015 | Author: MejiaTeam

Where to start when purchasing a home?

Many people may think about owning a home but are unsure of where to start.  What questions are you suppose to ask?  What is the first step?  And Who can help me?

It starts with: Credit, Income & Assets and today we would like to focus on CREDIT and the role is plays in a Down Payment Assistance Program.

If you are a little shy of money for up front costs but have a FICO score of 640+, then a DPAP (down payment assistance program) may be right up your alley.  If you have given your credit some TLC over the years then you should be rewarded for it!

An example of a DPAP can offer up to 4% towards your down payment on a home, which means you may not have to come out of pocket with any costs up front, which means- purchasing a home may be possible for you!

Call The Mejia Team today for more information: Daniela Mejia @ 702-273-8221 or Richelle Mejia @ 702-417-5120